General planner competition "Lustenau Fire Department”

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Competition Fire Station Lustenau
6890 Lustenau, Neudorfstraße
Municipality of Lustenau
GFA: 4.007 m2, GCV: 15.235 m2

The three-storey building is aligned with the vanishing line and the height of the adjacent school building. The single-storey vehicle hall is contiguous to the access zone - thus creating an „L“ shape - and matches with the building height in the eastern property.

The functional areas are accessed via a hall with a main staircase, two lifts and a second emergency staircase. The command centre, the message centre and the vehicle hall (with southern and northern forecourts „S“ and „N“) are attached to the main hall in the east. On the ground, the 1st and the 2nd floors, the changing, training, meeting, youth, ready and side rooms are situated in the western part of the hall. In the basement, the storage facilities are located.

In the north of the hall, the freestanding hose tower separates the forecourt „N“ from the drill ground.