Competition GTNMS.21

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Competition GTNMS.21
1210 Vienna, Brünner Straße 237
City of Vienna
FS: 7.620 m2, GFA: 10.252 m2, GCV: 38.811 m3

The north-south axis, a meandering curve, constitutes the main thread of the competition entry. It winds through the city, the area, the plot and the building.
As a „river of learning“ it leads through different typologies of spaces - such as the park, the southern entrance area, the library, the music hall, the dining area, the gym and the outdoor sports area - and establishes a connection between those.

Surrounded by patches of trees, the building with its greened facade integrates well with the park, thus generating a green landscape.
The parking lots and the hard court are situated on the narrower northern side of the plot. In the southern direction, the building opens up towards the neighbouring park.