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General Planner Competition 2009
A 1010 Vienna / 1030 Vienna, Urania
Municipality of Vienna, MA 29

Statics and Design Concept

Supporting Frame Single-span frame: prestressed steel box girder with vertical and horizontal lamellae (welded rigidity ribs), prestressing for full load bearing (operating state „down“)
triangular underside in the centre of the field, trapezoidal up to the supports
slenderness = 48.600 mm / 2.100 mm ≈ 1 / 23
flat steel ≈ 118 – 122 t + prestressing
total weight „hub“ ≈ 131 – 135 t solid bearing on the side of Urania, moving bearing on the side of the park: e. g. Clouth or Maurer MSM with console plates on the reinforced concrete bearings.
2 by 2 telescopic lifting cylinders, two-stage, cylinder with a diameter of 600 mm, clamped into the quay walls and the pile structures (horizontal reinforcement).

Foundation reinforced concrete foundation piles, diameter approximately 100 – 120 cm, pile structures.