Hospital Salzburg

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Realisation Competition 2010, 2nd level
A 5020 Salzburg, Müllner Hauptstraße 48
SALK Salzburger Landeskliniken (Salzburg Federal Clinics)

AKS • Ambulanz-Kopf-Schwerpunkt
In the northwestern part of the area, a centre with a focus on outpatient care and cephalic diseases - the AKS - is to be built. The main entrance for patients, visitors, staff and students is situated at its northwestern corner.

Structure • Urban Edges
The aboveground buildings stretch along the northern and western edges of the construction site, thereby forming closed cubages. The completion of those two edges is required for reasons of urban development (regarding the indefiniteness of the 3rd construction phase), furthermore for reasons of noise protection and on grounds of the operational sequence in the 2nd construction phase.

The internal access to the functional areas of the AKS is arranged in the form of a „clasp“ along the northern edge. This serves as a sound protection barrier, shielding off approximately two thirds of the traffic noise caused by the railway line, by the garage and by delivery traffic.
On the western side, the nursing wards are connected to the northern clasp via 2 „fingers“. The nursing wards that are to be built in the 2nd construction stage also form a closed building edge, defining the urban street space along Rudolf-Biebl-Straße.